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Women’s Day: 3 podcasts made by women for women

8 March is known for being associated with International Women’s Day.

Women empowerment is a very important topic because it continues to prioritise the need to have equal rights amongst the genders.

A way through which this area is continuously being discussed and explored is through the podcasts made by women, for women.

Women's Day

For today’s occasion, we are suggesting you checking out the following 3 podcasts:

Michelle Obama
Debby Wong/shutterstock.com


Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast


Following The Michelle Obama Podcast, the former United States of America’s First Lady came back with another production.

During this podcast Michelle Obama will be accompanied by her friends with whom she will have conversations revolving around the theme of shining the light within for others.




Caroline Ervin and Cristen Conger are the hosts behind this podcast which looks at going beyond the conventional set boundaries assigned to the female gender.

The topics discussed are backed by real life examples which makes them more relatable with those listening.

Unladylike logo/unladylike.co
Trudy Kerr
The Interviewer/Facebook


The SHE Word


This local production is led by The Interviewer herself…

We’re speaking about Trudy Kerr who meets with a number of women who are making a name for themselves through the various initiatives they involve themselves in.

Discussions about parenting, finance and leisure are some of the themes discussed during this podcast

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