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Podcast lovers: 3 local productions to follow

In this day and age where life is always connected and on-going, a podcast might be the solution for you to stop and unwind a bit to a topic that you like hearing about.


These podcasts might also be a channel of information that enriches your knowledge in that particular field.


As such we’re proposing 3 local Maltese podcasts for you to give a go

Jon Mallia
Photo: chartable.com


Jon Mallia Podcast


A mix of guests who have a story to tell or an issue to discuss, together with Jon’s unique way of presenting and moderating the conversation that will surely entice you to learn more.


Ir-Rokna Podcast


Join Corey and Lyon as they meet with some familiar faces from the local entertainment scene and discuss various topics and share stories in this lighthearted podcast. 

Screenshot from Ir-Rokna Ep 19
Mużika Mod Ieħor
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Mużika Mod Ieħor


Dr Toni Sant’s podcast is all about the local music scene. This podcast might very well be the place where the Maltese term ‘poddata’ was uttered for the first time.

Toni’s way of showcasing all that which is Maltese through his music selection is arguably the key behind its success.

Were you already following any of the above before?


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