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Out of Netflix ideas? Check out these 5 awesome titles

Ah, Netflix! The place where one goes to chill, or is it? We’ve recently heard that Netflix noticed people sharing their subscriptions with friends and family, and this surely brought a wave of criticism from those who are especially on tighter budgets…


But, we’re not here for that today.

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In this compilation, we will try to inspire you with some of the hottest titles on Netflix, at this moment!

We’ve asked some of you and while we did have a number of suggestions, the toughest part was to shortlist them down to just 5… well sort of… more on this further down…

So let’s cut to the chase… Put your popcorn in the microwave as you consider some of the following Netflix titles (listed in no particular order):



Original run included 3 seasons, with the upcoming season 4 being its last.


Simply put, the plot revolves around the rather bizarre episode of a flight which seems to have landed 5 and a half years in the future.


In this series we find Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas and Athena Karkanis amongst other stars with each episode spanning around 45 minutes.




A whopping 5 seasons which include 100 episodes in total, S.W.A.T. takes you into the world of, yes you guessed it, the Special Weapons and Tactics unit - S.W.A.T. team. It is worth noting that this series is based on another TV series with the same name which ran in the 1970s on US television.


The 6th season has just been confirmed, so that’s some comfort for existing and potential fans of the show that the story will continue… Every episode will see you spending a bit less than 45 minutes in front of the screen.




Yet another American production, however this time we’re switching from the action genre, right down to drama…


Who doesn’t like some drama anyway? Jokes apart, Bridgerton seems to be quite popular with many of you and so it was natural for us to share it with the rest to become familiar with.


Like with most drama plots, we’re seeing the main characters going through the daily struggles of the Regency era (1811-1820) in London, as they seek their other half. Expect some love-making scenes, quabbles and plot twists between characters as they build relationships amongst each other…


While there are currently 2 seasons (total of 16 episodes), another 2 seasons have been confirmed. Each episode is around an hour long and features the narration of Dame Julie Andrews.


Queen of the South


And we’re back to something with more action in it… QOTS is classified as an American action, crime, drama and thriller series, comprising 5 seasons with a total of 62 episodes.


The soundtrack, which takes the same name, is composed by Raney Shockne and another familiar name Giorgio Moroder. We should immediately mention the fact that some scenes were shot in Malta… An article on GuideMeMalta.com lists the number of references and locations related to our Islands.


In this plot, we see the main character, a poor Teresa Mendoza, played by Alice Braga, who is Mexican and then turns her financial life upside down after involving herself closely with drug cartels.




This US drama takes us inside a law company in New York City where Mike Ross, a college dropout, starts taking the Law School Admission Test on behalf of others.


Played by Patrick J. Adams, Ross manages to persuade Harvey Specter for a job, which sees the two thriving in their business’ success. A total of 9 seasons which include 134 episodes, this series will keep you good company, even if you are quite the bingewatcher… Each episode is around 40 minutes each, and no further seasons have been planned or confirmed.


A short-lived spin-off called ‘Pearson’ lending its name after another character, Jessica Peason, played by Gina Torres was released, and was axed just as the first season concluded.




A bonus title for you to consider. While quite a short series (only 1 season), Bodyguard manages to capture the attention of those who are intrigued by the British Metropolitan Police Service…


Played by Richard Madden, Police Sergeant David Budd is an ex-British Army war soldier who is given the task of protecting the Home Secretary Julia Montague, played by the actress Keeley Hawes.


This production includes 6 episodes of around an hour runtime (more or less) per episode.

We hope that you found one or two (or all) of the above, interesting enough for a session of binge watching!



That must be your microwave popcorn ready!


Which of the above Netflix titles will you be watching?

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