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Notable TV mention: Irbaħt il-Lottu

Pat Buttigieg
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While truth be told, local TV productions do come under fire most of the time, it is also a fact that to produce a high quality series, one needs to inject a significant amount of money into it. That said, currently on our local TV screens we do have a notable series that has been well received by numerous viewers so far!


Of course, we’re talking about Irbaħt il-Lottu – a weekly TV drama series focusing on the Buttigieg family, in which the main roles, Pat Buttigieg played by Antonella Galea Loffreda and Mike Buttigieg played by Charles Sammut, struggle to maintain a healthy balance within their household. 

The series starts off with the very evident cracks within the Buttigieg family which have accumulated over the years and which sees the marriage between the two main protagonists dwindle and break down to a point of no return.

Mike and Pat’s children – 3 in total are Chris, Alex & Becca played by Jurgen Ciantar, Geordie Schembri and Jasmine Farrugia, respectively.

They all have their own set of social and personal issues, which can be seen through the various dysfunctional family relations, drug trafficking, love affairs, alcohol abuse, and other financial issues that the family faces on a daily basis.

Buttigieg Family and Friends
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Directed by Mario Philip Azzopardi, who is a Maltese TV director with a career spanning over several decades and who has worked in the US and Canada on the likes of Robocop, Top Cops, Cobra and Stargate SG-1, definitely brings his skill and talent in the field within this local production. 

Pat & Mike Buttigieg
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We do not wish to place any spoilers here. As such for those who haven’t yet watched the series yet, start doing so in order to catch up with the new episodes being rolled out every Tuesday after the 8 o’clock news on Television Malta.

Please note that due to the Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final 1, tonight’s episode has been postponed to next week! Therefore the show will continue its journey on 17 May 2022!

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