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8 useful cross-platform apps for everyday tasks

Phones… We use them on the daily, with some people considering their mobile device as their main daily driver for their needs…


Whether it is to watch a movie, checking the weather, following a virtual lesson or even learning a new language, it is undeniable that we have become addicted to the world of mobile apps!


As such in this article, we’d like to share with you 8 apps which you can use on both Apple’s iOS system, as well as on Google’s Android OS.

Mobile Phone
File Transfer


Filemail (iOS / Android)


Ever want to send files or photos without compromising on quality or going over the email limits?


Then Filemail would help you with this. You are able to transfer files for free via Filemail for up to 5GB daily.


Revolut (iOS / Android)


You’re at the restaurant with your friends and they’re waiting for you to split bill over Revolut… Oh no! You don’t have a Revolut account. What do you do?

With Revolut you will be able to get yourself a debit card while being able to make payments like you would with any regular bank card but with other added features such as, yes, splitting the bill in real time with your contacts!

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Shazam (iOS / Android)


Ever wondered what that song on the radio is called? Shazam would be able to help you with that.

With Shazam (which by the way is sometimes integrated right into your phone - such as with iOS), you can identify a song while it’s playing and it would more often than not bring up the title and artist which you could then open in services such as Apple Music or Spotify.


Windfinder (iOS / Android)


Whether it’s a cloudy or a sunny day, Windfinder is often the go-to weather app which offers detailed insights and forecasts for all your meteorological needs.

Not much to say, but if you’re interested in hour by hour wind direction forecasts, this app is definitely for you!

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Duolingo (iOS / Android)


Hola, this is yet another staple in the top free categories for apps you could try out! If you have a flair for languages, you should definitely try out Duolingo as you start exploring or rekindling your love for the various languages they have to offer.

Additionally, you could also add your friends to see who scores more points as you excel in skilling up your linguistic game!


Microsoft Edge (iOS / Android)


Maybe Safari or Google Chrome are not your favourite browsers out there. In comes Microsoft Edge. While similarly it is built on the same web engine as Chrome (through Chromium), Microsoft Edge is considered to be the up and coming web browser, recently surpassing Apple’s Safari on the desktop side, making it the 2nd most used desktop browser.

If you’re into the Microsoft ecosystem, you should definitely try this browser out.

Microsoft Edge
Coupon apps


Cloudigo (iOS / Android)


We all love a good deal. On Cloudigo you can find some of the hottest deals that you can avail yourself from across the Maltese Islands.

Check it out and see if you manage to get yourself something for less!


Waze (iOS / Android)


Similar to the web browser, maybe the apps which come included on your phone are not your preferred ones… Whether you have Apple Maps or Google Maps, you are free to choose a 3rd party map provider for your navigational needs.

Waze offers a community driven navigation system with live traffic updates. You can also connect it to your calendars so as to have quicker access to that meeting you need to go to in 10 minutes time! 


As you can imagine, this is just a shortlist of many other great apps, tools and services one might find on the various platforms.

If you have a great app you want to share with us for an upcoming related article, please do not hesitate to drop us a line either via our social media platforms or at [email protected]


Do you make use of any of the above apps?

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