12 Jan, 2022 In Education

University of Malta courses starting this February!

University of Malta

The University of Malta has launched its application submission process to those interested in joining the Institution in February 2022.


A range of courses are available, especially for those seeking to further their studies on Master or Doctorate (Ph.D.) level.

Wide course offerings start from Preparatory Programmes, all the way to Ph.D.s and include areas such as Aviation, Proofreading, Master of Arts in Archaeology, Classics, Italian, English, History, Oriental Studies as well as, Master of Science in Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacy, Surgery and much more...


This is literally the tip of the iceberg.

To view the whole list of courses starting in February 2022, please visit um.edu.mt

Applications deadline: 31 January 2022 at 14:00


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