31 Jan, 2023 In Education

Time’s Up: Easing stress during exams

Tick, tock, tick, tock… the clock goes an hour after the exam started and you’re still staring at question 2b. The horror!

While knowing the subject well enough giving you enough confidence about acing any test about it, the fact that one can blank out mid-exam is always present.

Student studying

It’s safe to say that most students would have experienced something similar to this feeling one time or another (some more than others).

What can you do to avoid this?

Well, we think we have some handy tips you can try out…



Stop cramming!


One should stop reading and overreading their study notes just before entering the examination hall.

Give your mind some time to rest and clear any thoughts (especially negative ones) in preparation to face your exam paper. Unnecessary stress might actually work against your performance. 


Pre-exam chats


The temptation to discuss with your friends as you’re waiting for the examination hall doors to open is at an all-time high…

You’re torn between engaging and distancing yourself from the conversation about theories and examples.

If this puts you in an uncomfortable position it’s best to excuse yourself and move away, doing something which soothes your mind.

Talking with friend
Arrive at college


Arrive early


There’s nothing worse than being late for an exam… and we’re not necessarily talking about walking in late into the exam room but also including rushing to arrive on site.

After commuting you have to take a few moments to calm down. Induced stress from traffic and morning rush hour could put you off for the rest of your day negatively affecting your performance during the exam.

So next time you’ve got an exam, make sure you sleep early to wake up in time for an easy start to the day.


Stock up on stationery


So imagine you arrive late… exam has already started as you walk into a silent room with other students blankly staring at you.

You take your pen, pencil and other accessories and you sit down only to realise your pen won’t survive till the end of the exam. The horror! Can this day be any worse?

So, make sure that you test out your stationery beforehand and stock up the necessary replacements in order to avoid any unnecessary and awkward situations.

Coffee with friends


Something to look forward to


Treat yourself after that exam!

After all, it’s always great to have something to look forward to, even if it’s a simple coffee with a friend.

Did any of the above help you de-stress?


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