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Productivity over procrastination: Advice to achieve this…

Productivity is one of the key things to achieve a level of success in anything you do.

It’s not necessarily easy to find the most optimal way but with these tips, we hope to address and help you find solutions that make you more productive in your daily work or study life.

Productive Proactive
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Create a schedule so you don’t miss a thing!


This will help make your life easier when all the tasks and assignments coming up have assigned timeslots.

You can give an amount of time for each task, and include breaks in between, thus utilising your time more efficiently.


Set reasonable goals


Every student wants the best outcome possible when it comes to exams and assignments.

Setting a goal could make you work harder to achieve it.

Goals list
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Ensure a comfortable working environment


Not everyone has the same preferred working environment.

As such if this is not optimised well, you might end up being less productive.

Try to shuffle things around and see if it improves your situation.


Avoid Social Media - don’t give in!


The temptation to scroll on social media usually starts as a quick 2 minute break idea, but somehow ends up 30 minutes long.

Avoiding it in the first place will increase productivity as every time your phone receives a new notification, chances are you distract yourself from what you were doing.

Using a productivity tool that does not allow notifications from certain apps will help this not to occur.

Phone locked
Woman backing up data


Back up and go over what you have done


Backing up your data is important! Work back ups are sometimes seen as extra, but if a mishap happens and your work is lost you have to start all over again - not fun!

No one wants that, so backing up your data to cloud drives is the easiest and most convenient way to avoid this.

We hope that these steps have helped you find the focus needed for you to improve your work sessions.


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