03 Feb, 2022 In Education

You’ve finished your thesis… Check out this new printing service at UM!

by Toppin' Up

CMYK Printing

The University of Malta’s Printing Unit has recently introduced a new printing service for students who are looking to print and bind their dissertation.


The services vary from soft to hard binding, while those students who study at UM will get even better price reductions on their prints.

Students can opt to have their thesis bound in soft or hard binding, depending on their needs.

Colour or black and white printing is also offered by the Printing Unit.

Fancy having your hard-bound dissertation in Blue Drape colour enclosed with Aberlave Buckram material? Not sure what that is either?

Hard-bound dissertations can be done in a number of materials and colours from the selection available. Make sure to talk to the guys at the Printing Unit for them to assist you in choosing the right colour and material for you!

What’s better is the competitive pricing being offered here with even better discounted rates for UM students. The full price list can be viewed online.


In order to start the process, you would need to fill in their submission form, attach your finalised work in an A4 PDF file format and follow the guidance of the rest of the team.

For more information please contact the University of Malta Printing Unit via their request form. You may visit their offices in Judge Paolo Debono street, Msida (round the corner from Matsec). You can also learn more from the Printing Unit’s website.


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