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Into Maltese history? Check these out!

For the history buffs, Malta and Gozo offer a slew of opportunities to dive deep into times gone by!


Through its museums, site attractions and also literature, the heart of the Mediterranean is definitely a place of many tales dating back thousands of years.

Malta History

In today’s instalment we’ll be sharing with you 4 items that might come in handy if you’re planning to visit Malta or if you’re already here and want to be inspired as you build your itinerary…

Here we go!


Mediaeval cities: Mdina and Cittadella

These two mediaeval cities, Mdina in Malta and Cittadella in Gozo, are both overflowing with history, especially from the times of the Great Siege of 1565.

The BBC has produced a documentary as part of their BBC Select library.


Off-shore: Filfla


This small rock 4.5 kilometres towards the south of Malta is definitely an intriguing part of the Maltese landscape and its history.

It’s thought that the name is derived from the Arabic word ‘felfel’. The area was heavily bombarded in war times and is generally out of bounds for the public to visit.

That said, a number of trips to see the islet up close and personal are organised from time to time through Heritage Malta.


The capital city: Valletta


One of the most visited places by locals and tourists alike, the Maltese capital city of Valletta has a story to tell in every street you pass through.

With the Co-Cathedral of St. John, The Malta Experience, Fort St. Elmo, and the Mediterranean Conference Centre to name a few are some amongst many other attractions which are rich in their historical value.


In the Grand Harbour: Birgu (Vittoriosa)


This old city used to be an interim capital city when the need to move from Mdina to Valletta had arisen in the 16th century. Vittoriosa or Birgu is best known for its Maritime Museum and the Inquisitor's Palace, while the St. Angelo fortification is also an important site to visit in the same area.

Malta History

Now that you know about these, will you be visiting any (or all) of them?


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