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Next Step: JC or UM? See what you need to enter this October

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So you’re wrapping up your O-levels or A-levels and are looking at what’s the next step in your academic life… You’ve heard of changes with regards to the entry requirements to Junior College or the University of Malta, but possibly haven’t understood exactly what is what… 


Now that the University of Malta (who is also responsible for the Junior College) has released official guidelines, we will attempt to break them further down for you in order to clear some of the questions you might have…

Finishing Secondary school…

First things first, there has been an update with the upcoming April-June 2022 examination sessions at all levels…

If you will be required to quarantine due to the ongoing pandemic, then you are requested to fill in an online form indicating which exams you have missed out on. Those who will be doing their Matriculation exams are also kindly asked to fill in an additional form at their earliest convenience.

Those who are missing any exam prior to 1 May 2022 are required to fill both forms.


Going to JC?


As from October 2022, the recent changes in entry requirements will come into force. This means that to go into JC you would need to have 6 O-level passes where one has to be a core subject (i.e. Maltese, English Language or Maths).


If however you’ve missed one or more O-levels due to quarantine, you are still asked to register and commit to sit for the missing exam/s. If you do not manage to achieve a pass mark in the missing exam/s, then you would need to present your case to the Junior College Board.

University of Malta
University of Malta/um.edu.mt

Going to University?

If JC is not your destination but UM is, then you would need to get familiar with the entry requirements published online by the University. Should you still be missing any of the requirements, you are requested to send an email to the University’s Admissions Office.

For more information, you can contact the University of Malta via phone on +356 2340 2340, while the Junior College can be reached at +356 2590 7244.

Further details can also be found online via um.edu.mt or jc.um.edu.mt


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