29 Sep, 2021 In Education

Happy 25th Birthday JC! Here are 5 ways the College has grown since its foundation

What do you do when your trusty and reliable friend, someone who has been there along your life journey, has their birthday or celebrates a milestone?


You reflect on the evolution of that person, of what they started out as, and what they have become. Key words: progress, headway, betterment, breakthrough, making one’s way.

Junior College

The Junior College, which is or has recently been a second home to the majority of our Toppin’ Up readers, has just turned 25, and we’re taking this opportunity to go down memory lane and revisit some of its many achievements.

So how has the student experience at JC gotten better over the last 25 years?


Social life at JC has definitely levelled up!


The way we communicate has changed quite a bit over the last 25 years. If you’re bored in between lectures, there are plenty of ways you can keep track of your JC friends’ social matters … between Facebook, Insta, Tiktok and all the other means that are at your fingertips, you’re spoilt for choice.

And the fact that there’s Wi-Fi all across College Campus makes it even easier to keep in touch with your friends.

Besides, JC is online through its website, it’s on social media and there’s even a College Bulletin, and a radio programme on Campus FM in its 2nd season to keep you updated – so there’s literally no excuse to not know what’s going on.

JC has also levelled up on different areas within the college where students can meet up and interact. Youth Hub and Chaplaincy have been massively refurbished, and a wide variety of seating has been added around the college, both inside and outside the premises.


Lecturers are dedicated and equipped to help you advance

The suite of services offered by the dedicated staff at the Junior College can be tailored to your particular needs as a student.

Student Services Office can help you with queries on attendance and assessment, while the JC Library is there to give you the right environment where you can carry out your research.

Wellbeing Services will, on the other hand, gladly give you advice and support throughout your sixth form journey.

Moral of the story: There's a lot of services you can make use of at JC to help you acquire new skills which will help you address your current situation with the best tools possible. 

For a full list, check out this page.


You have the embarrassment of choice when it comes to choosing which sports to practise

Thanks to the Sports & Leisure Unit, which oversees all sports-related activities at JC, maintaining a physically-active lifestyle is easier, with a wide choice of sports facilities that are freely available for students such as a five-a-side synthetic football ground, two tennis courts, an outdoor volleyball court and an indoor multipurpose sports hall.

The sports hall in itself can cater for various sports such as badminton, basketball, table tennis, and the list goes on.

There's a Student Athlete Program available for national team athletes and Sport School students.


Cocurricular activities are more practical than ever

If the lectures and the educational aspect of college life are not all you’re living for, Junior College is still a great place to thrive – from the Soiree, to the Open Day, to the Wellbeing Festival, to a bunch of other events on the yearly JC calendar, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shine and show off your talents.


JC's Enrichment Program offers different units to students that are categorised under Activity & Wellbeing, Communication & Critical Thinking, Science and Technology, and Service & Community, among others. These are aimed at students who either want to use their talents or develop new ones. 

The JAYE Company Program and the Manga Club are just two other examples, and let's not forget the travel opportunities that might come up, COVID-19 permitting. 


Figuring out your timetable is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Thanks to handy and useful apps such as FreeHour, which, as news would have it, was masterminded in between the walls of JC, and VLE, figuring out your timetable and the free slots you have in common with your friends is the easiest thing ever to do.

We encourage you to download the app, and check your timetables through the JC departmental pages, then share your timetable with friends.

In case you need any assistance on your JC journey, our opening hours are available online.


By the way, did you know that JC has recently launched a commemorative silver coin to celebrate its 25th year?

It’s on sale for €64.99 from Junior College.


You can contact Junior College for more information. 

JC Coin