17 Jun, 2022 In Education

International University students share their experience studying in Malta!

Ali Chaudhry Interviewing International Students
University of Malta/um.edu.mt

In a recent article published on the University of Malta’s news portal - Newspoint, Media and Communications Bachelor student, Ali Chaudhry, an international student himself met with three other international students who are currently studying at the University.

With Ali, these students expressed their opinions about their life as a student in Malta… the pros, struggles and comparisons between Malta and their respective countries.

The general perception seems to be quite positive in that these students appreciate what the Maltese Islands have to offer, both academically as well as other experiences away from Campus. 

Yuhui, a student from Japan perceives the University as a safe environment with many other Asian students currently improving their English language skills locally. 

Moreover, Alexandra, a German student, compares Malta’s laxed lifestyle with that of Germany, highlighting how the two countries have a different approach at law enforcement. 

That said, she concluded that this is part of what makes Malta charming to many who visit or are planning to.


Another student hailing from Russia, enjoys Malta’s historical and cultural aspects, while also pointing out the Island’s issues with traffic.


All in all, the three students interviewed are intrigued by Malta’s cultural and social aspects, which seem to form the majority of their respective experiences here.

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University ICT Building
University of Malta/um.edu.mt

The original article can be read in its entirety by visiting the University’s Newspoint.