18 May, 2023 In Education

The best study apps for uni students

With the exam season coming up, many students would be scrambling around to find the best ways how to study for their exams.

Using your devices could be one of the best ways to integrate what you usually use to bingewatch on that Netflix series to a tool which could help make the studying process easier.


So with that said, let’s start discovering some useful apps

Study Apps
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Todoist – iOS | Android


Setting deadlines can be daughtning but Todoist might help you stay organised and on top of your tasks with certain ease.


Google Drive – iOS | Android


Want to store files and be more organised across all your devices?

Then Google Drive might be the right cloud storage solution for you to try out. It usually works well across different operating systems which is a plus!

Google Drive
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Quizlet – iOS | Android


Flashcards anyone?

This is a good way to test out your knowledge about that topic that has been giving you a hard time. Free and other paid versions are also available.


Forest – iOS | Android


A virtual garden. Yes.

This app allows you to grow your own virtual tree every time you start your focus/study session. Do not quit the app though as that risks your virtual tree’s health.

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Study Apps

Have you installed any of the above apps before?


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