25 Sep, 2021 In Education

How to prepare yourself going back to School

As the guidelines to date all indicate a physical return to school / university, us UM, MCAST, ITS students and others who have been doing online lectures for the past year and a half, must get ourselves back to old habits and prepare to physically go back to lectures on a daily basis.


Here are 5 tips for you to consider:

School bag
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Adjust your sleeping schedule


To those who had it easy for the past year and a half and get up 10 minutes before class because they had a late night and had a summer full of random sleeping hours must fix their sleeping habits.

Having a strong sleeping pattern is needed for school in order to be full of energy and focused. Adapting to this change a week or two before school starts will help you get used to it.


Purchase the needed supplies


Preparing your new supplies for school, let it be stationery, tech stuff or even just clothes will help you feel motivated about going back to school.

It will also make you feel organised, since your most needed items would have been purchased beforehand.

School supplies


Read through last year’s notes

Reading through your notes from previous years will help your brain to start working properly after a long, hot summer’s break.

This would save you some… erm... let’s say, culture-shocks after the first 5 minutes of your lecturer explaining what's to come this upcoming academic year - you’ll thank us later!


Prepare your study area 


Having a clutter free and clean workstation is important in the run up for the upcoming assignments and study sessions that often have to be done after school hours.

The important thing is that your computer / tablet / phone and desk are organised enough and have all your important things that might be needed… especially during those neverending long nights



Positive mindset


Your Mindset!


The most important thing is to have a bright and positive mindset.

Achieving this mindset will help you work harder, and keep things under control. 

Obviously nothing comes easy but when you believe in yourself and work hard, you will achieve great results and satisfaction.


Wishing you a great academic year ahead!


Let us know if these points have helped you in any way via our socials!

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