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7 reasons why we ❤️ the number 7

What is it with numbers and the feelings they evoke for us? For some of us, whatever involves numbers and math conjures nightmares, for others they might translate to a certain peace of mind in quantifying things.


But although our desire to either completely avoid or embrace the pervasiveness of numbers, the fact remains that they creep their way into our lives in many more ways than we can imagine.


And if numbered lists, how-to steps, countdowns, stocktaking and tallying are your jam, then enjoy this fleeting and fickle moment when the chaos of the universe will, even for just a short amount of time, turn into contentment. It turns out that of all numbers, the number seven is the one humans are most commonly drawn to, and this has even been proven by Math Writer, Alex Bellos, who conducted a survey based on the premise that people carry strong feelings about numbers.

Well, the number 7 holds a very special place in the minds and hearts of the Toppin’ Up team. We’ve officially launched on 7 July 2021, and we’re very grateful at the start of what will be an exhilarating journey for us and you.

So we thought of kicking off this motivational series by sharing seven reasons why we adore the number 7.


1. Its prevalence in nature makes it the perfect number

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There are 7 planets in our solar system, 7 continents surrounded by 7 oceans on Earth, of which waves roll in sevens, there are 7 colours in the rainbow, humans have 7 layers of skin, and mammals have 7 vertebrae in the neck.

Oh, and ladybirds have 7 spots each. These are not man-made concepts, like the 7 wonders of the world, so they significantly shape how we view the world.


2. Its significance in religion makes it meaningful for some of us

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Some believe the world was created in 7 days, others accept the 7 heavens, whilst the more spiritually-oriented individuals amongst us sleep, eat and breathe the 7 chakras in the energy centres of our bodies. We also have the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese Mythology.

Whatever our beliefs, the fact remains that the number seven has, for many years, denoted completeness and has helped us in our search for the divine.


3. It’s the ultimate lucky number, but what makes it so?

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Even if you’ve never been to Las Vegas and tried your luck at the slot machines, the strong likelihood is that you’ve watched movies where people did (21, Ocean’s Eleven, Molly’s Game, anyone?).

Some associate its luck with the properties of the number. It is the fourth prime number, and the sum of another 2 prime numbers. Others link it to their sport role models, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, while others have an affinity with it because it keeps appearing in their lives in some way or another.


4. It’s music to our ears!

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This one’s pretty straightforward, but did you know there are 7 different harmonies, which are the basis of all music that any human has ever heard in their lives?

Here are seven songs featuring the number 7 in their title or lyrics:

Seven by Taylor Swift:

7 seconds by Youssou N’dour:

7 Nation Army by The White Stripes:

Seven Seas of Rhye by Queen:

Seven Wonders by Fleetwood Mac:


7 Days by Craig David:


7 rings by Ariana Grande:



5. The number seven means there will never be a tie for deciding an outcome

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The number 7 is also the minimum number of riffle shuffles (after cutting a deck in half) to randomise the cards in a 52-card pack.

And for those of us who really hate ties when playing a game, seven is a really nice number to use as a tiebreaker.


6. It has to do with our capacity for processing information

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An interview with Prof. Keith Devlin from Stanford University revealed that if you show someone a collection of randomly scattered objects on a table, seven is the largest number of objects they’ll recognise immediately.

Besides, did you know that according to the West Virginia Medical School, the ideal number of hours of sleep for human adults is that of seven hours?


7. It’s our launch date, and we’re so happy to be carving out a space in your lives!

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It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally here, and it’s no coincidence that we chose this date!

Toppin' Up

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Catch you later.

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