11 Nov, 2021 In Education

5 tips to write an excellent assignment stress free!

With the semester well underway, students are already hearing the dreaded word ‘assignment’ repeatedly…

Therefore, here are some tips to help you write your assignments productively, efficiently, and most importantly, on time!

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Do your reading


This is something plenty of students leave until the final few weeks.

Your lecturers would have picked out some of the best resources available, so make sure to read them, as they will give you valuable insights that will make writing the assignment much easier.


Plan your time


It is integral that you check your deadline and plan your workload.

This way you can schedule the days on which you will work on your assignment and what you will be doing every day, helping you avoid the late rush to finish it.

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Structure your argument


Before writing, clearly structure the whole argument your assignment is based on.

Go through the title’s key words, and attribute key points to each paragraph, supporting or even arguing against your argument.


Take a break


If possible, make sure to write a first draft and then put it aside for a day or two to freshen up your mind, and then re-read it.

Certain mistakes will be easier to spot this way, especially silly spelling mistakes!

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Cite. Cite. Cite!


Referencing is essential.

Make sure to check your institution/department’s referencing guidelines before you start, so that you cite everything accordingly!

How are you doing with your assignments?


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