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5 Hidden Gems at JC

Hello hello to all the JC students who have wandered onto this article. I welcome you all and am excited to share all my favourite hidden areas around the Junior College campus in Msida! 


Now, I feel like I should put a disclaimer saying that not everything on this list may come as a surprise to you, but these are things that I felt made my time at Junior College a lot more enjoyable.

Junior College Drone Shot


Youth Hub and the outside area


Now, many people already know that JC is equipped with all sorts of courts and fields for various sports, but what most people don’t know is that outside of the basketball court there is an outdoor court that is open for all students to use.

Many times, my friends and I would go into the basketball courts and borrow badminton rackets and kill some time by playing outside. It’s also just a great place to go if you want to sit down quietly and read a book or have your lunch in peace.

And if you happen to overheat out in the sun you can walk right through into Youth Hub, a nice quiet place where you can relax on a sofa and unwind after a stressful lecture.


The JC ducks


Did you know JC had ducks?

Well they do, most people walk past them every day and never even noticed the feathered mascots of the school. The ducks live in a small fenced-off area on the side of the ring road...

The college staff takes care of them but they tend to come and go as they please.

If you’re lucky you might get to see eggs around Springtime, and then even some baby ducklings.


The Green Area


Okay now, this isn’t really some well-guarded secret, of course, one of the most prominent features of the campus is the lush green areas outside where students can go to relax between lessons.

But the real magic comes in when you go behind the tennis courts. There’s a whole section back there with tables and benches that are separated from the noise of the general school body. 

Go there with your friends to have lunch, play a game, or you can even go alone to find a nice place to study.


The water fountains


This right here was one of my favourite features in the school that most people never even knew about. Around the college, there are a few free-to-use water fountains. All you have to do is take a bottle with you to school and then stop and fill up between lectures.


I recall finding 3 water fountains during my excursions around the campus; one outside of the canteen (in an area called ‘Pjazza’), another outside the basement and the final one outside the basketball court. 


They might however be temporarily out of use, due to the pandemic… *sad face*


The computers in the library


Don’t take your laptop to school. Unless you have a specific lecture you need it for, I recommend you leave it at home where it’s safe, while not making your bag heavier than it needs to be.

Instead, just use the computers in the library.

They’re free to use, open to all students and are relatively fast. You can log into your email, use services like Google Drive, and work on all your assignments while at college, surrounded by all the resources you could possibly need to write your essays. 

And there you have it, I hope you learned something new and that maybe I’ve helped you make your JC experience just a little bit easier! 


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