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Looking for best student mobile deals? Check these out!

We all look for and enjoy a great deal… As such a great shop around could also lead you to your next deal on your mobile plan!


With an upcoming academic year around the corner, we’ll attempt to bring forward the current student mobile plans available locally.

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GO’s Freedom Play plan


GO’s offerings for those who are 27 years and under can avail themselves from this plan.

They have the famous DIS (5GB data) or Double DAT (20GB data) plans which can be renewed by top ups while those willing to upgrade to 5G (Unlimited data) can do so through the new Freedom Play play which is paid monthly on contract.

Various benefits for these plans can be availed by those who are enrolled in GO’s Home Pack community.


Epic’s Youth plans


Epic offers top up plans for youths up to 29 years of age. 2 top-up plans based on 10GB and 40GB data allowance respectively.

These top up plans are not contract based and rated at 4.5G speed.

At the time of writing, Epic is offering a Youth Special Promo at 5G speed for a discounted price, however this offer was valid until the end of August.

Phone in Malta
Woman using phone in Malta


Melita’s Djuno plans


Similar to Epic’s offer, Melita’s Djuno plans are applicable to youths aged 29 and under.

BigGig M or BigGig L offer 5GB and 20GB respectively on a top up basis.

Melita offers its MelitaWiFi service in many public places around the Islands too which Djuno subscribers can make use of.

The above plans also include other benefits and bundles related to calls and SMSs.

Keeping tabs on the local providers’ websites could help you find the latest and greatest plans with the same providers often coming up with deals and limited time offers.


Do you own any of these models, or are you looking to get one of them?


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