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Creativity and Patience: The World’s Largest Miniature Airport…

Miniatur Wunderland
Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

If you’re into miniature or scaled down models of places of interest then this item might be of interest to you. Presenting the world’s largest miniature airport.

Posted on Facebook by Page ‘Supercar Blondie’, this scaled airport which takes around the size of 40 king sized beds, took 6 years to build, is lit with over 40,000 LED lights and was completed at an overall cost of $5 million (approx. €5,040,000).

Talk about dedication!

If it isn’t that apparent yet, the detail which went into the making of this lifelike airport is astonishing with certain features including aircraft incidents on the runway that would need assistance from ground based emergency services (which are also included in the detail).

And you might ask...

Is it totally out of the imagination of an aviation enthusiast?


Well, while it is not out of the fruition of pure creativity, we need to applaud the makers for basing this model on the German airport of Hamburg. The eye for detail in coming up with such replicas are not to be taken lightly… 

Want to visit?

Grab a real flight to Hamburg and visit Miniatur Wunderland to see not just the airport but other attractions that have been scaled down in a similar manner!


Are you into building miniature replicas?

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Miniatur Wunderland
Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

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