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Top 5 Most Instagrammable Universities in Europe

Roaming around university campus can sometimes be an interesting activity, especially when you are still getting familiar with the place. Other times it can be the place where you don’t look forward to visiting, especially during the time where assignments start piling up and exams inching closer.


In this article we will be featuring a list of what we think are our top 5 most Instagrammable Universities across the European continent:

Galway University
Cambridge University
Lois GoBe/Shutterstock.com


University of Cambridge, England


Founded in 1201 (in other terms 821 years old), University of Cambridge is the second oldest English-speaking university and the fourth oldest surviving university in the world.

Its history and architecture is beautiful to look at and admire, bringing this university to the top place in our list.


University of Helsinki, Finland


This Finnish university was founded in 1640, and is classified as the oldest and largest university in Finland. It was founded by a 13-year old girl who came to be Queen Christina of Sweden.

The university played a key role in the education system of Finland. If you like the cold Scandinavian weather, then this place is a treat to take some photos at.

Helsinki Botanical Garden
Mikhail Olykainen/Shutterstock.com
Galway University


National University of Ireland in Galway


After 4 years of its foundation in 1845, the University of Galway opened its doors for just 68 students. Over the years, this university has grown to a student population of over 18,000.

Apart from the chance of bumping into Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl (for the record, we’re joking), this idyllic location is home to a lot of natural greenery, which surely is a welcomed feature in your photos.


University of Bucharest, Romania


Founded by the then Prince of Moldavia, Alexandru Ioan Cuza in 1864, the university provides a lot of historical background which can be especially witnessed in its architecture.

The University plays an important role when it comes to the improvement of Romanian education and other areas such as science and culture of the country.

Photos taken of the University building speak for themselves, especially those taken in the evening, don’t you think?

Carol 1 University
Aarhus University
Tassos Marinitsis/Shutterstock.com


Aarhus University, Denmark


Denmark’s Aarhus University (which we had featured some time ago), was launched in 1928. It is considered to be the largest and second oldest university in Denmark.

Its culture, views and beauty are just some of the features which would make you want to visit in order to take some photos.

These were just 5 of what we deem to be the most Instagrammable universities in Europe.


Would you study in one of these universities in the future? Or have you already been to one of them?


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