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Għ(id)li – Maltese photography project that focuses on the ✋

photo: instagr.am/gh.id_li

There is a story behind every hand and every person. Everyone has a story to tell, a story full of emotion, thoughts, success, disappointment, or happiness and all the lessons that life teaches us.


If you look closely at the palm of a hand, it says something about what we have been through in life and what we do.

Deborah Debono, a youth ministry Master graduate, and a youth worker at Aġenzija Żgħażagħ created this social media page called ‘Gh(id)li’ about a series of photos telling the stories of different people that she came across.

The concept behind this project is about unveiling the works done with our own hands and the hidden talents. She features people from diverse backgrounds… some are friends, while others complete strangers.

Deborah describes the project by saying, ”Kull id tgħ(id) xi ħaġa fuq il-persuna. Jiddependi minnek kemm tagħraf x'tgħid idek fuqek. Jiddependi minnek kemm jirnexxilek twassal l-istorja tiegħek mill-perspettiva t’idek.”, which makes us reflect on how we can use our hands as a means of storytelling.

This photography project reflects personal experiences, and it emphasizes on the uniqueness that one carries with him in everyday life, how whatever we pass through, our hand says it all. 

For more stories, or if you have a personal story you would like to share visit Gh(id)li on Instagram. 


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