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New B.Comms student magazine hosts its first event!

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Ever felt like your mind was the only thing stopping you from finishing that one project?

Sometimes we lose inspiration when our creativity stops speaking to us.

At times, we need to be active, to be inactive, to rest, refuel, and rediscover our passion for what we do.

Who we are…


dot dot dot is a student publication created by the B.Comms university students that explores all aspects of creative thinking and how we can overcome the pressures that block our inner creativity from surfacing. We explore ways of self-stimulation through low-stakes, artistic play – to create for the sake of creating.

We are all different, in our lives, our insecurities, and our art, but we have one thing in common – we are all more creative than we think.

Can you karaoke…? 


Then we have just the event for you! We are super excited to invite you to Tipsy-Oke, our very first event!

Join us at The Crafty Cat Pub in St Julian’s on 8 March 2023 for a night of karaoke, good music and drinks! Bring some friends and your best (or worst) singing voices. You might even win one of our prizes…

Tickets are only €5 and include a welcome drink! Doors open at 20:00 – we hope to see you there!

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And don’t let that idea just be three dots on a page…

dot dot dot Team
The dot dot dot Team

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